Margaux Schwarz

[Margaux]-[Schwarz]-[photo_ Fabrice Schneider]-[1]
Call (Performance), Alma Sarif, Brussels, 2019
[Margaux]-[Schwarz]-[photo_ Fabrice Schneider]-[2]
Call (Set and reading room), Alma Sarif, Brussels, 2019

Margaux Schwarz is a French artist and psychic medium based in Brussels (BE). Through text, video and performance, Schwarz’s work examine the prominent role of dramaturgy, performativity and story-telling in our post-industrial society. Her artistic practice coincides with her natural ability as a psychic medium, a gift that runs through the feminine line of her family, and her professional practice of hosting private consultations with the public. Inhabiting the “role” of the medium, in a triangular relationship with participant and the supernatural, brings her to research and put into form questions related to belief systems, authenticity and our sacred relationship to narratives. Informed by theoretical fields such as psychological anthropology or sociology of work, her research explores power structures in language and communication with a specific focus on performative strategies used in socio-professional interactions. Often using orality as a primary tool, her work addresses notions of embodiment, intimacy and care in an era where the multiplication of the self - constantly torn between private and public - is considered an absolute asset.

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