Laura Muyldermans


Since the establishment of my architectural practice, I have been in search of its’ identity and societal role. How do architects position themselves towards society? This question forces us to think about how and why we organise our architectural practice.

A building is commissioned by ... The architect is commissioned by ...

What about an architectural practice that aims to be independent of demand, that questions it? What are the possibilities in terms of design for an architect that seeks necessity elsewhere? Such an ‘unsolicited’ approach to architecture manifests as a reflexive mirror towards practices that operate based on demand. Within architecture, such a mirror-like position can serve as a platform that safeguards the free and critical thinking of architects in conventional demand-based milieus. This platform can help interventions come into fruition that approach the everyday environment alternatively, that focus or question the experience of a given situation. Such angle of approach can make opposite realties explicit or reflect on the potential of a given place and probe for (indirect) interactions. They comprise a diverse range of projects that explore the boundaries of architecture. In each instance, they illuminate the common perception of an existing context and its layered nature.

This reflexive practice, nurtured by my construction practice, is a mode of operation, a framework of sorts without a substantive description. This latter characteristic is especially important, given that descriptive framing would detract from the symbiosis between the conventional practice of building and its mirror image. The latter requires substantive freedom, in contrast to a practice of architecture that generates its content in response to demand or a question.

Laura Muyldermans studied architecture at KU Leuven, Istanbul Technical University and Tokyo University. Following her graduation, she worked for seven years at Architects De Vylder Vinck Taillieu. In 2018, she teaches design studio at the KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture or ULB La Cambre Horta. With expositions, lectures, workshops and talks such as Venice (Biennale), Dublin (Science Gallery), Ghent (Pecha Kucha), Brussels (BOZAR), Liège (Across) and Oslo (Architecture Triennale) she continues to contribute to the architectural culture of Brussels and beyond.

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