Els Silvrants-Barclay


Els Silvrants-Barclay is a curator, researcher and activist. She is senior researcher and curator at Studio An Fonteyne in the Department of Architecture of ETH in Zürich, and core-member of Permanent, a practice-based research project that draws upon anti-speculative models from the commons- and cooperative economy to develop an infrastructure in Brussels for affordable artist studio’s, housing and community spaces. She is also a core-member of State of the Arts, an open platform that aims reimagine the conditions that shape the art world today.

Till 2019 she directed the contemporary arts center Netwerk Aalst. Previously she led a collaboration between four contemporary art museums in Flanders. She coordinated the Advanced Master in Theatre Studies, lectured dance theory and was part of the Research Centre for Visual Poetics at the University of Antwerp. Before, she lived in Beijing where she worked as an independent curator and co-founded the Institute for Provocation, a workspace for artists and architects. Since 2009, Els Silvrants-Barclay organises her independent work under the flag of Louiza.

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