Visual identity of the exhibition "Embrasez-vous !", Art et Marges museum, 2020. Guest illustrator : Gabriele Zagaglia.
Visual identity and website for ARGOS, centre for audiovisual arts, 2019—20.
Design of RESOLUTION, a printed magazine that explores the impact of the digital image, 2019.

D-E-A-L is Morgane, Quentin & Victor, a design band and a creative studio performing from Brussels. They are occasionally joined by new companions according to the scope of the project. The group works with various types of clients, from individuals to institutions, in Belgium and abroad (Netherlands, Russia, France, etc.), mainly in the cultural and artistic fields, but constantly looking for new playgrounds. The collaborative studio practice aims to create singular visual and typographic languages, printed and digital, with critical perspectives in harmony with the essence of the content. Thus, the emphasis is placed on being involved together with the clients from the first to the last steps of the work process, in connecting their core intention to their public with a personal visual voice. Images and languages are shaped by cultural, geographic and historic contexts. As designers, it belongs to us to take them in consideration and consistently learn from them. They play an important part in the way we create our design, explore our researches, question the relation to our tools as well as our devices, and how they echoe on the reader's imagination.

Paoletta_Holst-Collection_Tillema-1.png Natasja-Mabesoone-1 pieter-geenen-1 Olaf Winkler - 1 Emma-van der Put-1 Bartosz_Gorka_Free_Gestures_1 ValerieLee_rolling3 Anouchka_Oler_Clement-Harpillard_1 Karolien Chromiak 1 Logo-TMBR Sophia-Holst-1 Ekaterina_Kaplunova_1 Colonial Lives amber-vanluffelen-1 Veerle_Melis_1 Evelien-Cammaert-1 arts-et-marges markus von platen 1 IMG_4406 sophie-varin-1 dirk-reimes-1 Lucie Burton 1 - guiding at Musée d_Ixelles - 2015 Coraline-Guilbeau-DiegoThielemans-1 Bianca Baldi_Sebastiano_Pellion_di_Persano Perri MacKenzie_01 Bas Blaasse 1 Bas-vandenHout-1 Joachim-Robbrecht-License-Isolde-Woudstra-1.jpeg Ingo-Brosch-1O-Young-Kwon-1JPG dries-segers-1 anne philippe 1 David_Bernstein_1 DSCF9140 [Margaux]-[Schwarz]-[photo_ Fabrice Schneider]-[1] Eitan Efrat and Sirah Foighel Brutmann 01 11 Kevin Gallagher _ 2 Batsheva_Ross_1.jpeg Maud_Gourdon_credit_Chantal_van_rijt_1 sabrina-seifried-DK-benjakon-2 Chloe_malcotti_image_1 IMG_4126_1 Elies-Vaer-1 antoniabrown1 1-sideline 0Z2A7379 1.two figures Francesca_Grilli_AmericanAcademyRome_01 Aleksandra Chaushova 1 (Schneider Pen) 21 SECOLO marcella MarcoLampis1 Jolien-Naeyaert-1 desespiègles-1 lola-daels-1 Ralph Schuster-Pianoshirt Anna Zacharoff _National Museum__2