Bas van den Hout

Knee, 2017 wood, plaster, ceramic (on edited table), 19 x 13 x 44 cm
Installation called 'Chapel' made during a working period at TAC Eindhoven in 2018. Work is made out of painted moving boxes with a video projection inside.
Mijn hart luchten, 2018 metal, spray paint, rope, rust (edited found object), 25 x 64 x 15 cm

In my work I investigate personal memories and stories that can be understood through the collective unconscious. I am interested in the objects that surround us and how, removed from their original context and function, they are able to generate a metaphorical or archetypal meaning. By developing a relationship with an object, exploring its appeal and the interaction between meanings and personal thoughts, I hope to be able to reveal the aspects that interest me. In my approach I look for the border where language seems to end and its exactness comes into question, as a bygone memory, something that has eluded you. My work speaks of a feeling, or a thought, that can no longer be traced back to its origin. A moment of recognition and alienation.

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