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Please note that the demand for studio spaces in Brussels is higher than we are able to provide at the moment.

We are currently in the process of trying to grow our studio collective to have new studio buildings in other locations in Brussels. By filling is in this form your name will be added to our mailing list for when studios become available.

For now we cannot guarantee a studio space at short notice but your registrations will give an insight in the needs for workspaces amongst artists in Brussels. This will enable us to argue for the support by the VGC and COCOF for a studio organisation in Brussels. With this support the amount of studios spaces can grow and we can work towards a sustainable infrastructure in the near future.

The postal code of the place where you live in Brussels, not necessarily where you are inscribed. This enables us to convince specific municipalities in BXL to support a studio building in their district. If you do not live in Brussels (yet) fill in the postal code of the area you might want to live and/or work.

Here the basics of electricity (220v), WIFI, communal running water and toilets are assumed to be present.

Level Five is a cooperative studio for and by artists. This means we collectively organize and take care of our space, from everyday domestic tasks like taking out the garbage to social activities in the common spaces. In this way we are creating a durable foundation for our artistic practices and initiatives.

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