Blue Screen

The original Blue Screen events are on hold for the time being. See the archive at the bottom of this page to read more about the past Blue Screen events. We are looking forward to pick up where we left, whenever it is possible again, with an evening around the work of Katja Mater. Regarding the current regulations we can’t come together physically and we decided to take this as a chance to look closely at what is happening behind the closed doors of Level Five. With pleasure we dove into the diverse mix of moving image works that are made within our studio walls. We discovered kinship in vision, complementing researches and exciting formal experiments that we wanted to put in dialogue with each other. Every month we will highlight a selection of video works that are made by artists from Level Five in a film program on this website. Each program will be followed by an online Q&A where you can join the conversation around the works with the artists.

Blue Screen Online #3

Margaux Schwarz, Amber Vanluffelen, Dirk Reimes, Batsheva Ross


Margaux Schwarz#Hand to Hand#Video still_01.png Drik Reimes

Online conversation with the artists

26.01.2021 at 7:30PM

For the third edition of Blue Screen Online, we will continue with a selection of four video works by current members of Level Five. Their practices range from performance to writing, painting and sculpture, as well as working with video. In this program we singled out four video works from their multifaceted practices.

In an eerie informative interlude, Margaux Schwarz' most recent piece 'Hand to Hand' (2021), speaks to us about the dematerialization of money.

'Beigoma the Movie' (2020) by Amber Vanluffelen takes ‘Beigoma’, a traditional Japanese game, as a point of reference. When these small coin-like objects get activated by spinning them, they can unleash different kinds of powers and will unveil what lies latent within the hearts of its players.

For his video 'myID (Nike RMX)' (2016), Dirk Reimes appropriated the customizing tool on the website of Nike to create an endless variation of perfect sneakers. The work reflects on the ever promising magic quality of the commodity fetish. The fairy tale of happiness and success represented and created by what one owns, and even more so by what one does not own yet.

The video-poem 'What’s the Point' (2013) by Batsheva Ross, rages about the discrepancy between the vivid, emotional existence and the bureaucratic representation of one’s self in the form of curriculum vitae.

Blue Screen is a monthly screening program focussing on film and video works by visual artists. The program is initiated by Chloé Malcotti and Emma van der Put at Level Five, a cooperative artist studio in the centre of Brussels.

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