Omar Kashmiry

Oma Kashmiry is a Self-employed architect based between Brussels and Cairo with six years of experience in conceptual design and technical roles and has participated in different projects in Egypt, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

His specialization is in developing medium to large scale projects from concept to completion using BIM and according to sustainable design principles as a LEED AP.

Born in 1990 in Cairo, Kashmiry obtained his Bachelor in architecture from the school of Fine arts in Cairo. Upon graduation, he worked on different projects ranging from interior design and commercial projects at PHIdesign to megaprojects at Dar Al-Handasah.

In 2016, he headed north to Brussels to continue studying architecture at Sint Lucas, KU Leuven, followed by training under Frank van Hulle in Antwerp and at DISEL architects in Amsterdam. Currently, he is working with clients from Brussels, Amsterdam, and Cairo on various architectural projects.

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