Evelien Cammaert


Evelien Cammaert (Brussels, 1986) is a transdisciplinary artist. She studied photography (Luca Brussels, Narafi, 2010) and performance (Maastricht Institute of Performative Arts, 2016). With a background in both disciplines she creates a hybrid language resulting in performances and immersive installations.

With photography often being a starting point, she investigates the relation between images, landscape, nature and the experiencing body. A focus on our perception of time is a recurring underlying presence in her work. By slowing down the pace in her performances, or even freezing it (Slowblinking Eyes, 2013 and Threethousandsixhundredseconds, 2013), Evelien Cammaert tries to pull herself and the spectator out of our daily acceleration, in order to generate a collective concentration and space to alter the order of events. She looks for interactions between past and present, memory and live experience (Absorbing Exposure 2016), or makes spatial interventions that respond to oppositions such as large and small, close by and far away (Tiny Things, pretty Far Away, 2016). In her latest creation Glowachrome Garden (2020) she creates a context that pulls us inside the singular universes of photographs. By projecting these universes side by side on a myriad of screens, she almost generates an aestheticized reenactment of what she experiences as a photographer when called or touched by something at the moment of taking a picture.

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