Coraline Guilbeau

Go Ahead, Coraline Guilbeau Booklaunch, Wiels, Brussels (BE), 2017 photo : Diego Thielemans
2 - Even days seem the same, Sagacity, curated by Rectangle, as part of the Wandering Arts Biennial, Brussels (BE), 2018 photo : Lola Pertowsky

I write texts that feature characters I embody during my performances. In these performances I try to involve the spectators in the experience, speaking to some of them by suggesting an intimacy present or passed between us. For that, I tell stories with ordinary, mysterious, or personal details so sometimes the viewer doesn’t know very well where begins or ends the performance and if he needs to do something or to let the story carry on. In most of my stories, I’m interested about loss of memory or sensations that a body can sometimes feel, asking myself how to manage a life when we don’t remember who we are. It is through this type of existential anxieties (anguish of abandonment, fragmentation, separation) which are part of the humain being that I try to understand how do we manage to find who we are and who we want to be.

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